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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas cards and photoboooks.

I bought a Groupon for and 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly. I figured it would be a great opportunity to finally, after 4 years, put my wedding pictures into an album. We used a family friend for our photography needs and unfortunately the images were all upside down and too small to use on the disc. I was disheartened and sad that they weren't the perfect photos. Alas we also moved from Texas to Vegas to Seattle all in the span of the last four years and the negatives were lost along the way. I was heartbroken.
These pictures were to fill our walls and be put on Christmas cards to share with family and they were just gone. Then much to my amazement I looked in a box that had junk in it and there they were! In an envelope that had nothing to do with photos. I rushed to my local camera store to have them properly put on a disc so that I could use the Groupon before its expiration date. I got my disc and was so happy to finally put them in an album. I easily downloaded them to Shutterfly and realized I had way to many to put in an 8x8 so I upgraded to a 12x12 to give them their due space.
 It was during those few days of editing and placing that shutterfly offered 1 free Christmas card of my own design. I figured a sample in hand was the perfect way to show the husband and get his approval. He hates getting his picture taken and also hates all pictures taken of him. So I received the sample and after his input was able to design a card to his liking. I was even able to change the simple greeting to a whimsy one with my own sentiments in my own humor. Thanks Shutterfly!

Since buying the groupon I have ordered 3 photo books from Shutterfly and designed 3 Christmas cards. Its so easy and the designs are great.
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