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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sammy my foster ferret

I love my fosters and most recently Sammy has really endeared himself to me. He's the one on the left, his buddy is Syd. He is a silver, blind oldster. He goes about the ferret room running into things and he LOVES his soup. I believe that the soup is what has extended his life. That and being in a home environment instead of the shelter I use a version of this Soup recipe and I add carnivore care brewers yeast, chicken baby food and nutrical. I prepare my chicken in the crock pot and use the remaining broth to reconstitute the dry kibble. I have also added chicken hearts but my local store does not carry them.
The other day I went to my basement ferret room with the soup for Sammy and after he ate and wiped his face on my pants he climbed up into my lap and proceeded to make himself at home. He nuzzled my arm and gave arm kisses. I held protective hands around him so he wouldn't roll off, he is blind after all, and he just stayed there. I had a lot of things to do including litter boxes and food and water refills but Sammy made me stay there and enjoy his company for a while. It was bliss. Thanks little dude.

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