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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Earls Story

I had 3 ferrets already; Django (the first), Ivan(the boy) and Fitch (the devil). I saw the post on the, I read it everyday and even though I was a ferret owner and shelter volunteer I had not rescued yet. Yet.
The post stated that a ferret was abandoned in front of the vet in a box. On a hundred degree day. Without food. Without water. In a box. With a handmade green bowl.
They wondered what the box was for hours before someone brought it in. Inside was an albino male ferret,young, beautiful and on the brink of death. Dehydration and exposure to the elements would surely have been his demise had the receptionist not just brought the box in.
They kept him for days and I called for days. I didn't want a new ferret, nor any of the expensive ferret issues I was going through with Fitch(see future story). I knew, I just knew. He needed me. Hell ,I needed him, I just didn't know it yet.
The day I finally got the call to get him I dropped everything. I grabbed the carrier and fled. When I got to the vet on the other side of town I had a hard time finding it and almost gave up. Then I turned myself around and found the right place. He was in the smallest ferret cage ever but was clean and trimmed and just a beautiful pure white albino fluff ball. I fell, hard, head over heels in love!! Conked over the head.
He came right home with me and melted into my group like butter.
He is not without his issues. I think the heat of that day and god knows how many days before it. Earls is my special ed boy. Just about a minuet behind everyone else. He is also an ankle biter and a general mess maker. While in Vegas I would put out several shallow Tupperware pans of water and call it the ferret hot tub. Well Earls was definitely a fan. Swimming and spraying and general mayhem. My water baby.I love those days. Since we've moved to Seattle the "hot tubs" have ceased. Its too cold!

We have no idea how old Earl is, I put him about 3 years or so ,he is a healthy boy.I love him. Together we dance, just him and I ,cutting a rug, tripping the light fantastic.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Newest apron

I was commissioned to make an apron featuring 3 things: ferrets, wine and pink. That was such a challenge. The person I made it for is using it to judge ferrets at a show in D.C., and they are wine tasting. Lucky girl.
So off to to see what I could find. I scoured the Internet beforehand but you never know what the fabric is going to feel like and I wanted this to be high quality and not wait for shipping. I found the main fabric, in a more red then I would like, wine bottle pattern. I made the flounce at the bottom of a coordinating small bubbles pattern. For the straps I chose a small animal paw print tracks pattern. The neck straps and pockets were of a pink Parisian wallpaper pattern(my favorite) called brocade.

It was my first attempt at a full apron and I was up to the challenge. After cutting out and sewing everything together it took me about 2 weeks just sewing in my spare time. I loved loved loved the flounce at the bottom. I feel bad that there wasn't anything really ferrety about the apron so I tried printing an image on fabric paper that you use in your printer but it came out orange, not pink or even a reddish shade so that was a waste of paper and ink. Hope she loves it as much as I do. I asked only that she donate $30 to a ferret shelter seeing as there were probably minor imperfections and maybe a tad too big for her. Hmm. One can try right.

New to Blogland

Hi everyone that might see this. I am Kristina Noir some of you know me as Kristina Borgstrom ;wife, ferret foster mom and crafty apron maker. Well I've now decided to join the ranks of millions of bloggers to express my heartfelt feeling about ferrets and crafting. Keep watching as I continue my journey to sew and raise my ferrets. thanks!

This is a link to my apron making FB page. Check it out!!/pages/West-Seattle-WA/Kristina-Noir/127249977297613