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Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year I flew to L.A. to be with friends and family for Halloween. Leaving my grumpy Halloween hating husband at home to mope by himself. Luckily I can rely on him to feed, water and give meds to the ferrets.
My idea for a costume was inspired by its a lot of tulle. I tried one on at a costume shop and was shocked at the price tag, $90-$140. Tulle is less than $2 a yard so off I went on a mission to make it. I bought $19 worth of tulle and cut it into 7 pieces. Laying them flat and stacked on top of one another I made a hood with a ribbon sewing all 7 pieces together.ghost tutorial.

I put it on and looked spooky and frothy from the front and sides but rather weak in the back. Hmm. I checked the magazine article and noticed online a big difference in fabric size. I bought 54" and Martha uses specialty store 108". That's a huge difference. I wasn't going to let that stop me so I just made it work. I tore up the top two layers for a ragged effect. The night before Halloween I wore my costume in the Seattle rain to a house party and 2 bars. I figured any distressing would only add to the whole effect.

I rolled up my cloak and put it in my carry on and off to L.A. I went. Once in Hermosa beach I changed into my costume out of the trunk of my rental car and was ready to party. I got to wear it all day and took every opportunity to act spooky much to my brothers chagrin. I even painted my teeth green and reddened the skin around my eyes. I left my travel straggly hair alone as it fit the costume.

I had lunch at Henneseys in Hermosa then handed out candy in El Segundo at Joaquin and Cheselys house. The night took us to Gassers Lounge for an art show but the red lighting sorta prevented us from viewing the art. My friend Rob was a ghastly site in full makeup with contacts and prosthetic facial features. He looked awesome. See Above.

Alas the trip had to end 48 hours after I got there and I just didn't feel like carrying back that huge white torn up pile of material. Amber gave it to the dog to tear up.

My trip was short but sweet. It was good to see Amber, Rob, the other Rob and Candy his baby mama, Joaquin, Ches, Brody, Michelle, Ryan, Marcus, Jess, Eric, Joe, Jennifer my sister, Stella, Jaliza, brother Kyle and his new lady friend who is way cute.

Oh I almost forgot I coined a new term. Its DTMH for Don't Tell my Husband. I got a new tattoo. Its inspired by this years costume and and all Halloweens past and future. Spooookyyy. Original art by Jennifer Sutton, my sister. She kicks major ass.

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  1. She loves that Tulle....drags it all around the house now!