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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Newest apron

I was commissioned to make an apron featuring 3 things: ferrets, wine and pink. That was such a challenge. The person I made it for is using it to judge ferrets at a show in D.C., and they are wine tasting. Lucky girl.
So off to to see what I could find. I scoured the Internet beforehand but you never know what the fabric is going to feel like and I wanted this to be high quality and not wait for shipping. I found the main fabric, in a more red then I would like, wine bottle pattern. I made the flounce at the bottom of a coordinating small bubbles pattern. For the straps I chose a small animal paw print tracks pattern. The neck straps and pockets were of a pink Parisian wallpaper pattern(my favorite) called brocade.

It was my first attempt at a full apron and I was up to the challenge. After cutting out and sewing everything together it took me about 2 weeks just sewing in my spare time. I loved loved loved the flounce at the bottom. I feel bad that there wasn't anything really ferrety about the apron so I tried printing an image on fabric paper that you use in your printer but it came out orange, not pink or even a reddish shade so that was a waste of paper and ink. Hope she loves it as much as I do. I asked only that she donate $30 to a ferret shelter seeing as there were probably minor imperfections and maybe a tad too big for her. Hmm. One can try right.


  1. Ferret is Earl my albino. His story will come soon.

  2. I'm still waiting for my full apron.......